Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday, Day 3

Well who said May was not the start of the Summer, semi decent day here on the banks of the river Exe.

Woke up at 6.30am the pain killers wore off and disrupted a dream about bill paying! That was a blessing. On taking the medication drifted back to sleep to be rudely woken at 9.15am, yes 9.15 how fantastic is that by Doctor Perkins from the Starcross surgery.

Doctor Perkins, not of Bates Motel fame is very sound bloke. He is in fact not my Doctor, but the Doctor who sent me to the EMU (Emergency Medical Unit) of the local hospital not convinced with the locums Dr assumption of mumps. I have to thank him for his professional conduct, it if wasn't for him I would not know what I know now. He has taken a keen interest all the way through my illness and today offered his support and help through the treatment that I am hopefully to be prescribed this afternoon.

The NHS is not a political football the people who work within are amazing, caring and fantastic people, it is important that when I am better I turn my energy to ensuring that politicians know never to use this fantastic service as a political football, lives are more important than politicians egos.

Must go have a great day!

Keep attacking! Nigel

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