Sunday, May 22, 2005

Summer Sunday!

Is May now officially a Summer month, the railways start their Summer timetables in June rather than May. I suspect more to do with economics than perception of English weather.

I have the mother of all sore throats, but then again Mr Brightwell, he of RD&E fame did tell me it gets worse before better with some glint in his eye.

I am not sure my recovery has been aided by watching the Eurovision last night, or a dose of "Pirates of the Caribbean" which made history as the 2nd movie I have turned off before the end. I slept well, but still very tired, and suspect a few winks will be had today, along with ice water and smoothies.

It is now 24 hours away from my next hospital visit where I know I will find out the extent of my illness including my chest x ray which is a kinda scarely bit and of course the treatment plan should it all go well with the chest x ray tomorrow.

Well I must go and get the carrot and tomato juicer going, whack the vitamin c into me and take the short stroll to the newspaper shop.

Enjoy your "Summer" Sunday its still raining!


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