Thursday, May 26, 2005

text from Nigel

very sore & sedated. They took away more than was told on Monday. Muscle gone, please warn everybody as it looks funny. well, not ha ha ,Nigel.


marta said...

Hi nigel,

Just remember your my man of the year. x Am away over weekend, you wont be far away from my thoughts. big hug and wet kiss!!XX Catch up with you on Monday.

mazzagee said...

So the wheels are still turning, I hope the sun shines through the windows of your bus today. Better to lose a muscle than anything else. Not much to give for the greatest gift. Still keeping your sense of humour too. Can't be bad.
Hope the news you receive later is better than you expected and if not wish you enough strength to accept it and keep fighting back.

Orpah said...

Just back from visiting Nigel, armed with (on his request!) newspapers, carrot sticks and chocolate! He's looking really well and is very chirpy... bitching about all the other guys on the ward!